High speed file transfer Get files to and from the cloud. FAST.

Up to 900mb/s to and from the most popular cloud platforms.

Features Any Data. Any Path. Any Industry. Really Fast.

CloudDat utilizes 100% of your available network capacity for data transfer.


We do not charge by the gigabyte or the speed of your line. We charge only for time of use or a one-time perpetual license. You can move as much data as you want for a fraction of the cost of our biggest competitor.


Distribute easy-to-use, easy to automate clients throughout your workflow. Each client is a single file that downloads and runs in seconds with no admin privileges and no per-seat fees.


If you’ve used an FTP application before, you already know how to use CloudDat. Our GUIs for Windows and macOS offer intuitive and easy-to-use controls.


That’s right – no questions asked. Simply click on the free trial link to learn more.

SolutionsSomething for everyone

CloudDat allows transfer of files up to 900mb/s to and from the most popular cloud platforms:

IndustriesWho does it work for?

The simple answer is – anyone. But we see huge value for CloudDat in the following industries:

Media & Entertainment

Whether you are gathering content from the field, the set, or partners, or you are distributing it for review, post production, or broadcast, time matters. CloudDat gets your media assets in and out of your cloud workflows at maximum speed with minimal effort.
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Life Sciences

The ability to send and receive next generation genomic sequencing and large volumes of scientific research quickly and reliably is critical in life sciences.
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CloudDat transports Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from e-Discovery and litigation support activities securely to and from the cloud with in-transit encryption at maximum speed with minimal effort.
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Oil & Gas

Quickly communicating seismic data and downhole telemetry from the field to the home office is critical for timely decision making in the oil and gas industry.
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CloudDat moves large file sets and databases quickly and securely to the cloud for rapid system migration with minimal downtime.
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IT Managers & Consultants

CloudDat maximizes transport speed to and from the cloud, delivering data quickly and reliably without disrupting existing systems.
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