IT Managers & Consultants Why CloudDat?

CloudDat maximizes transport speed to and from the cloud, delivering data quickly and reliably without disrupting existing systems.

Use What You Pay For

CloudDat ensures full utilization of your network infrastructure, without disrupting existing traffic.

Easy to Deploy

With drop-in deployment and minimal workflow disruption, IT managers and consultants can set up CloudDat in minutes. There’s no manual performance tuning or maintenance required.

Unique Pricing

CloudDat is offered at a fraction of the cost of competitors with a variety of purchase options and OEM/partner opportunities. And pricing is not tied to your bandwidth, based on per GB charges, or client seats. Plus, our free trial provides a no-risk proof of concept.

Easy to Use

CloudDat eliminates the need for FTP and other legacy transmission solutions that often consume less than the targeted bandwidth with frequent disconnects. End users enjoy a familiar file transfer experience, while performance and security are ensured.

Use case scenarioHow does it fit my workflow?

CloudDat’s easy to use client software, plus web, scripting, and programming APIs, enable seamless integration into existing workflows, systems, and software.  It automatically adapts to any network without human intervention, allowing the fastest possible data transfer to and from the cloud from anywhere in the world.