Legal Why CloudDat?

CloudDat transports Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from e-Discovery and litigation support activities securely to and from the cloud with in-transit encryption at maximum speed with minimal effort.

Use What You Pay For

CloudDat utilizes 100% of your available network capacity to transport time-sensitive legal files to and from the cloud for law firms, corporate in-house legal teams, and e-Discovery/legal services companies.

Easy to Deploy

With drop-in deployment and minimal workflow disruption, system administrators can set up CloudDat in minutes. And there’s no manual performance tuning or maintenance required.

Unique Pricing

CloudDat is offered at a fraction of the cost of competitors with a variety of purchase options, and pricing is not tied to your bandwidth, based on per GB charges, or client seats. Plus, our free trial provides a no-risk proof of concept.

Easy to Use

CloudDat eliminates the need for SFTP transmissions that are extremely slow, often utilizing less than one-tenth of the targeted bandwidth with frequent disconnects. End users can enjoy simple one-step, drag-and-drop file transfer to the cloud and one-click download from the cloud.

Use case scenarioHow does it fit my workflow?

CloudDat provides easy-to-use software for end-users – plus web, scripting, and programming APIs for developers – that can be integrated into any legal service workflow and deliver any data across any path to the cloud.