Media & Entertainment Why CloudDat?

Whether you are gathering content from the field, the set, or partners, or you are distributing it for review, post production, or broadcast, time matters. CloudDat gets your media assets in and out of your cloud workflows at maximum speed with minimum effort.

Use What You Pay For

CloudDat utilizes 100% of your available network capacity for transporting digital media assets to the cloud quickly and reliably.

Easy to Deploy

With drop-in deployment and minimal workflow disruption, end users can set up CloudDat in seconds. And there’s no manual performance tuning or maintenance required.

Unique Pricing

CloudDat is offered at a fraction of the cost of competitors with a variety of purchase options, and pricing is not tied to your bandwidth, based on per GB charges, or client seats. Plus, our free trial provides a no-risk proof of concept.

Easy to Use

CloudDat eliminates the need for couriers, hard drives, unwieldy FTP transmissions, and wildly expensive software. End users enjoy simple one-step file transfer to and from the cloud.

Use case scenarioHow does it fit my workflow?

CloudDat provides easy-to-use software for end users – plus web, scripting, and programming APIs for developers – that can be integrated into any media workflow and deliver any data across any path to the cloud.